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Description & notes (A) - Technology Development Funds; (B) - Patent Protection Funds; (C) - Technology In-Licensing Funds; (D) - Technology Scale-up/ Validation / De-risking Funds; (E) - Market Entry Funds; (F) - Expansion Funds;
Visvesvaraya Fellowships
OrganizationVenture Center
Sub-Department / Committee
Source of fundingNon-Government
SchemeVisvesvaraya Fellowships
Type of fundingFellowships
Funding Amount0
Range of fundingUnder Rs 10 lakh
Target investeesCurrent students or recently graduated professionals of engineering and technology
Note(1) The fellowship has been instituted at Venture Center, thanks to a generous donation by Dr Ashish K Lele. (2) Project: Sharply focused technology projects; Part of the project needs to involve developing a commercialization/ business plan (3) Project duration: Minimum 2 months (4) Host: Project needs to be one offered by a scientist at NCL (5) Training: The project shall begin with a short training by Venture Center mentors on technology development and commercialization. (6) Stipend: Rs 10,000 pm (for current students); Rs 16000 pm (for recent graduates) (7) Travel grant: One-time grant upto Rs 5,000 to visit a relevant national trade fair. Can be used during the year of the award. (8) Certificate: All fellows who complete the program successfully will get a Certificate of Completion. (9) Number of fellowships per year: 3 max
PurposeTo provide young engineering students/professionals an opportunity to work on a technology development project in a research environment (along with an NCL scientist) and learn/ explore avenues for taking technology to the market.
Focus areaMultiple focus areas
Provides Funds For A,
Scheme TypeOngoing scheme
Recommended scheme
Scheme statusLive scheme
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