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Description & notes (A) - Technology Development Funds; (B) - Patent Protection Funds; (C) - Technology In-Licensing Funds; (D) - Technology Scale-up/ Validation / De-risking Funds; (E) - Market Entry Funds; (F) - Expansion Funds;
Rajendra Lagu Fellowships for Technology Immersion
OrganizationVenture Center
Source of fundingNon-Government
SchemeRajendra Lagu Fellowships for Technology Immersion
Type of fundingFellowships
Funding Amount0
DescriptionThis is a fellowship scheme for young engineering students instituted by the Venture Center (located at National Chemical Laboratory, Pune) with the aim of providing exposure to and immersion opportunity for hands-on technology development and technology entrepreneurship. Dr Rajendra Lagu was passionate about transforming engineering education in India and imparting depth and experiential learning to students. Dr Lagu was also a keen supporter of entrepreneurs and incubators. This fellowship aims to honor his memory by supporting a theme close to his heart. The fellowship has been instituted at Venture Center, thanks to a donation by the Premnath family.
Range of fundingUnder Rs 10 lakh
Target investeesCurrent or recent students of engineering and technology
Note(1) Project: Sharply focused technology projects; Part of the project needs to involve developing a commercialization/ business plan (2) Project duration: Minimum 2 months (3) Host: Project needs to be one offered by a start-up/entrepreneur in the Venture Center innovation ecosystem or POC Project Manager at Venture Center (4) Training: The project shall begin with a short training by Venture Center mentors on technology development and commercialization. (5) Stipend: Rs 10,000 pm for current students; Rs 16,000 pm for graduates (6) Certificate: All fellows who complete the program successfully will get a Certificate of Award and Completion. (7) Number of fellowships per year: 3 max
PurposeTo provide young engineering students an opportunity to work on a technology development project in a research environment and learn/ explore avenues for taking technology to the market. To provide an opportunity for students to work closely with a technology entrepreneur.
Focus areaMultiple focus areas
Provides Funds For A,
Scheme TypeOngoing scheme
Recommended scheme
Scheme statusLive scheme
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