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Report was generated on 13 May 2021 (Date based on PCT time)
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Description & notes (A) - Technology Development Funds; (B) - Patent Protection Funds; (C) - Technology In-Licensing Funds; (D) - Technology Scale-up/ Validation / De-risking Funds; (E) - Market Entry Funds; (F) - Expansion Funds;
Venture Debt Fund
OrganizationTrifecta Capital
Source of fundingNon-Government
SchemeVenture Debt Fund
Type of fundingDebt
Funding Amount5
DescriptionDebt up to 30 cr at 14.5 - 1.05 per cent interest rate for about three years
Range of fundingRs 2 crore to Rs 10 crore
Target investees
NoteEquity + debt;
PurposeTo provide debt to startups at a stage where founders need help to achieve milestones without diluting much for better valuations later.
Focus area
Provides Funds For D, E,
Scheme TypeOngoing scheme
Recommended scheme
Scheme statusLive scheme
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