About and history

Venture Center is a non-profit technology business incubator based in Pune, India. Venture Center is today (circa 2015) India's largest science business incubator.

Venture Center's Funding Database is an effort to provide a one-stop database of various funding opportunities available to innovators and start-ups in India. The funding database emphasizes support available for inventive technology or inventive enterprises.

Venture Centre's Funding Database was first created by Vibhor Jindal, Magesh Nandagopal and V. Premnath in 2009. It was featured in DARE magazine in its November 2009 issue as a cover story

More recently, the funding database was incorporated with permission in the 8th edition of the book "Entrepreneurship" by Mathew J. Manimala, Michael P. Peters, Dean A. Shepherd, Robert D. Hisrich and published by Tata McGraw Hill Education in 2013.

This new and updated version of the Funding Database has been launched by Venture Center in Jan 2016. The current editor is Shruti Devasthali.


  1. 2009: Vibhor Jindal
  2. 2010-2015: Magesh Nandagopal
  3. 2015-current: Shruti Devasthali

The funding database options have been categorized in several ways for the convenience of users by the editors. Our flagship categorization method is based on Venture Center's Innovation Journey Map and various types of funding stages, such as:

  1. Technology Development Funds (A)
  2. Patent Protection Funds (B)
  3. Technology In-Licensing Funds (C)
  4. Technology Scale-up/ Validation / De-risking Funds (D)
  5. Market Entry Funds (E)
  6. Expansion Funds (F)