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Report was generated on 24 Jul 2024 (Date based on PCT time)
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Description & notes (A) - Technology Development Funds; (B) - Patent Protection Funds; (C) - Technology In-Licensing Funds; (D) - Technology Scale-up/ Validation / De-risking Funds; (E) - Market Entry Funds; (F) - Expansion Funds;
Seed Fund
OrganizationKerala Startup Mission
Source of fundingGovernment
SchemeSeed Fund
Type of fundingEquity
Funding Amount1000000
Descriptionupto 15lakhs
Range of fundingUnder Rs 10 lakh
Target investeesstudent/enterprenurs
PurposeProduct Development Testing & Trials Test Marketing/ Market Validations Finding Early Adopters Customer Acquisitions The Seed Support System primarily supports the startups on the following
Focus area
Provides Funds For A, B, C, D, E,
Scheme TypeOngoing scheme
Recommended scheme
Scheme statusLive scheme
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