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Description & notes (A) - Technology Development Funds; (B) - Patent Protection Funds; (C) - Technology In-Licensing Funds; (D) - Technology Scale-up/ Validation / De-risking Funds; (E) - Market Entry Funds; (F) - Expansion Funds;
Electronics & IT/ITeS Start-up Policy 
OrganizationGovernment of Gujarat
Source of fundingGovernment
SchemeElectronics & IT/ITeS Start-up Policy 
Type of fundingOther
Funding Amount0
DescriptionMarketing/publicity assistance of up to Rs. 10.00 lakhs will be provided for the introduction of innovative product in the market.Rs. 10,000/- per month will be provided to the innovator as sustenance allowance for one year.
Range of fundingUnder Rs 10 lakh
Target investeesEntrepreneurs
NoteThe eligible start-ups will be entitled to following incentives: 2.1 Stamp Duty & Registration Fee Reimbursement: Eligible start-ups will be entitled to 100% reimbursement of Stamp Duty and Registration Fee paid on sale/lease/transfer of land and Office Space for the first transaction. 2.2 Lease Rental Subsidy: Eligible start-ups taking space on lease for their operations will be provided lease rental subsidy, at the scale of 50 sqft per employee, for two years on reimbursement basis at the rate of Rs.15 per sqft per month. 2.3 Interest Subsidy: Eligible start-ups will be provided interest subsidy at the rate of 9% per annum subject to a ceiling of Rs. 2 lakhs per year. Such interest subsidy shall be eligible for a maximum duration of two years. Eligible start-ups will be entitled to interest 9 subsidy assistance from the date of making application or when actual interest repayment to the lending financial institutions, after moratorium, if any, begins based on their choice. However, the start-up will be entitled for interest assistance only if the interest repayment has begun during the operative period of this policy. 2.4 Patent Assistance: a) Eligible start-ups will be provided assistance at the rate of 75% of cost of obtaining patent subject to ceiling of Rs. 2 lakhs per patent for domestic patent and Rs. 5 lakhs per patent for international patent. b) Total quantum of assistance for obtaining such patents shall be limited to Rs. 10 lakh for international and Rs. 4 lakhs for domestic patents per start-up. c) Fees paid to patent attorney and patent service centre will also be considered eligible expenditure towards cost for computing assistance. d) The assistance will be in the nature of reimbursement. 2.5 Bandwidth Subsidy: Eligible start-ups will be provided bandwidth subsidy at the rate of 70% of annual bandwidth charges subject to a ceiling of Rs. 20000 for 2 years. 2.6 Skill Certification Grant: Eligible start-ups will be provided skill certification grant at the rate of Rs.5000 per skill certification per person subject to overall ceiling of Rs. 1 lakh per annum per start-up for two years. 2.7 Marketing & Product Development Assistance: A onetime assistance of Rs. 1 lakh will be provided to eligible start-ups for prototype/product development and additional assistance of Rs. 1 lakh will be provided for marketing. 2.8 Matching Equity Support: An eligible start-up which has raised equity capital from registered venture capital funds will be entitled to, at its option, avail additional 25% of such capital from Gujarat Venture Finance Limited (GVFL), without additional scrutiny,10 on same terms at which the capital was raised within 6 months of such raising subject to a ceiling of Rs. 5 crores.
PurposeTo support new innovative ideas/cocept.
Focus areaIT/ITES/Communications
Provides Funds For A, B, C, D, E,
Scheme TypeOngoing scheme
Recommended scheme
Scheme statusLive scheme
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