Grand challenges Canada

Funding opportunities to support your bold idea

Grand Challenges Canada seeks bold ideas from the best and brightest innovators to save and improve lives in low- and middle-income countries and Canada.

Applicants will be required to describe how the health challenge being addressed is specifically being worsened by climate change (current and anticipated) in the proposed implementation context. They will also need to explain how the proposed solution will address the selected human health impact as exacerbated by climate change.

Examples of areas we are interested in funding are innovations that:
• Increase nutrition or water security
o Such as interventions that ensure the affordability of healthy diets or protect
nutritious food supplies
o This could also include the community-level water management
interventions that improve stable access to safe water
• Address mental & psychological health challenges resulting from or amplified by
climate-related displacement and migration
• Reduce the impact of poor air quality on health
• Reduce the impact of heat stress on health
• Address vector-, water- and food-borne disease threats
o Specifically, threats that are moving into new populations and/or
geographies due to climatic variability and change
• Develop or adapt monitoring, modelling and forecasting solutions
Where possible, all innovations should seek to build the resilience and response capacity
of the communities and systems they are intervening within (healthcare, food & nutrition,
water & sanitation, etc.)