What do large entities look for to license-in technologies? | 9th Jan 2021, 5-6 PM


, a technology transfer hub, at Venture Center is glad to announce talk on  ” What do large entities look for to license-in technologies?” .

When: Saturday9th Jan, 5-6 PM

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Venture Center, BIRAC and NBM
About the talk: Licensing is a strategy that companies are increasingly turning towards in order to remain profitable and competitive in markets. In this talk we will discuss :

1. What is licensing ?

2. What large entities look for when they in-license.

3. The common IP sharing and royalty sharing models.

This discussion will help you design your strategy to approach large entities when trying to out-license your technology to them, and to help protect your interests in the transaction.

Speaker: Dr J. Jaya Murthy, Intellectual Property Professional

About the speaker: Jaya Murthy is a scientist with extensive global experience working with corporates, consulting and the education industries. Jaya’s research areas of interest include intellectual property, innovation and portfolio management, IP/technology strategies and economics of IP. Jaya has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Mumbai, India, a Masters’ in Intellectual Property from the University of New Hampshire, USA and is a registered US Patent Agent.