Agrimapcat Acceleration Program

The lack of integration within the agriculture ecosystem as well as the hyper-local power structure has been resulting in time-consuming, long-gestation, and complex multi-stakeholder execution hindrances. This environment is the most significant detriment to the massification of AgriTech as a vertical – unlike other Start-up Innovation segments.

Therefore, the core of an AgriTech cohort needs to especially focus on identifying and aggregating the critical stakeholder community representation. The Cohort Members should be able to tap into this community from the beginning to fast-track their mission-critical initiatives. The community must be able to hand-hold them and drive momentum which will ensure that the members can navigate the complex ecosystem maze with relative ease to achieve major milestones faster.

The agrimpact acceleration program has been designed to empower startups working in the agricultural sector and solve the challenges with their innovative solutions. It aims to accelerate venture growth by leveraging the networks, infrastructure, and connections at ISB and beyond through hand-holding mentoring support to scale in the right direction.

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