C-CAMP Agri CoE: Agriculture Grand Challenges – Funding opportunity for Agri startups

Centre for Cellular And Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP), has established a Centre of Excellence in Agri Innovation with support from Govt of Karnataka‚Äôs Dept of ITBT and Dept of Agri, to bring about transformational changes in agriculture . The center focuses on identifying key pain points in agriculture, attracting innovators to find & develop solutions for the identified curated list of challenges and further nurture these innovations and facilitate their validation and deployment. 

C-CAMP has identified Top 3 problem statements and this challenge has been thrown open for startups/innovators to address in the first call for applications:

1. A quick accurate affordable POC method for testing a) macro/micro-nutrient in soil and/or plant tissue and b) microbial diversity in soil.

2. Technology to increase the shelf life of produce and minimize post-harvest losses using chemical/biological/IR methods.

3. A technology for detection and treatment of white stem borer infestation in Coffee.

The scheme offers up to 50 L INR investment per startup, along with mentorship and hand-holding.


For more details, please visit : https://www.ccamp.res.in/coe-agri-grand-challenges
Link for applicationhttps://bit.ly/3iSkdGz

Deadline30th Nov 2021 

For any queries, write to  – agri@ccamp.res.in