Call for Proposal from Waste Domain

Area / Theme: Technology interventions towards “Garbage Free Cities”
1. Prioritized innovation areas
Technology Development Board, a statutory body of Department of Science & Technology (DST) has initiated a call for proposal in line with vision of Swachh Bharat Mission-Urban 2.0 to contribute in accomplishment of scientific waste processing for ‘Garbage Free Cities’.

Through this Call for Proposal- Technology intervention towards “Garbage Free Cities”, applications are invited from Indian companies having innovative/indigenous technologies at commercialization stage in this sector. The major broad thrust areas are as follows:
a) Municipal Solid Waste
b) Plastic Waste
c) Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste
d) Agricultural waste
e) Biomedical waste
f) E-Waste
g) Industrial Hazardous &Non-Hazardous Wastes
h) Battery waste
i) Radioactive waste
j) AI Specific Solutions
The scope of call is in line with the various waste management legal framework. The technologies should mandatorily adhere to all the principles confirming to the current laws of the country, pertaining to the respective waste. This includes hardware and software (AI, Machine learning, digital tools) to ensure transparency, accountability & traceability, optimize logistics, products made out of waste (recycled product), components/equipment required for waste management applications, etc.

Aim of this call is to explore and find affordable and adaptable technologies for waste management creating a positive socio-economic impact.
The eligibility criteria and financial support shall be as per TDB guidelines.
2. Who can apply: Indian companies registered under the Companies Act 1956/ 2013.
3. Where to apply: Application are to be submitted online only by clicking the link:
4. Application procedure &funding: Details are avilable in TDB’s funding guidlines:
5. Deadline: The proposal/ application must be submitted to TDB no later than July 03, 2022.
6. Contact details: For any assistance during submission of this online application, may contact
on following email-ID:
7. Project Funding Guidelines, Checklist, FAQ’s and Loan Application Form, may click
on link :