Call for Proposals under DST-TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME: Last date of submission 31.12.2021

The Department of Science & Technology plays a pivotal role in promotion of science &
technology in the country. The department has wide ranging activities ranging from
promoting high end basic research and development of cutting-edge technologies on one
hand to service the technological requirements of the common man through development
of appropriate skills and technologies on the other. Through an umbrella scheme of
Innovation Technology Development and Deployment, the Department under its
Technology Development Programme (TDP) has been promoting and supporting
activities related to indigenous development of innovative technologies in identified areas.
During recent past, DST has supported the development of many technologies at various
R&D laboratories/ institutions. This has resulted in development of various technologies
and subsequent transfer of know-how to various production agencies for their commercial
Technology Development Programmes (TDP):
One of the key objectives of the Department of Science & Technology is to promote
technology development in various fields. The Department has been supporting
Technology development projects which include materials, devices and processes. The
Programme supports activities aimed at developing technologies both in the
advanced/emerging areas and in traditional sectors/areas. Under the Programme,
feasibility of fresh ideas/ concepts is also assessed for their potential conversion into useful
Mandate of TDP:
The mandate of Technology Development Programmes (TDP) is to convert proof-ofconcepts for technologies/ techniques/ processes/products into advance prototypes for
validation and demonstration in actual field settings. The commercialization of these
technologies needs further assessment/incubation, which does not fall in the scope of the
Technology Development Programme. Transfer of technology developed under the project
to the industry should ideally be the onus of the host institutions. Proposals for incremental
R&D over the existing technologies are also considered for support. Projects related to
design and development of Software/IT, as required for products and processes, as a part
of technology development project shall be considered. Pure software development does
not fall in the scope of the Programme.
• Support R&D for development of innovative technologies in identified areas.
• Promote application of advanced technology for improving the performance and
value addition to existing technology.
• Capacity building in the area of technology development.
• Identify and support R&D groups which have developed depth/strength in a
particular scientific domain.


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