CPCB call for “Technology Challenge for Identifying and Promoting Solutions for Mitigating Ambient Air Pollution”| Application deadline: 30th April 2021

The Technological Challenge aims to:

Scope, scale and foster – technological and business solutions to control/ abate urban ambient air pollution.


Identify technological as well as business process innovations.
Endorse viable business models that are suitable for a different size, geographies, and class of cities.
Pilot test and handhold to scale the shortlisted technologies/solutions in select project cities.
Bridge the gap between innovators/manufacturers and beneficiaries- i.e. urban local bodies (ULBs), citizens

Expectations from the Challenge

The proposed challenge invites solutions that address high pollutant levels often observed in urban spaces in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Improvement of air quality in high emission zones also termed as hotspots is the ultimate goal of this Challenge.

In order to address urban air quality issues, technological solutions are crucial. At the same time, it is imperative that any technological solution will have a handling mechanism and business model. Therefore, the proposed solutions which address the Whole-Of-System that covers the entire process chain starting from the cleaning of ambient air until safe treatment or disposal of any waste generated and the related life cycle costs shall be given preference. Proposed solutions should offer value addition by highlighting potential of recycling and reuse, energy efficiency and conservation.

Participants are encouraged to provide technology solutions that address the problems by augmenting already available technologies in the market, and propose robust business models for collection/ suppression of dust generated, management of dust collected in high dust emission zones in a cost-effective manner in Indian cities.

How to Participate in the Challenge
The Challenge is open to all. Any individual technology developer, academic and research
institute, private or public firm, non-governmental organization can participate in the
Challenge. Interested applicants can fill up the application form available at Annexure I & II

and submit to mscb.cpcb@nic.in & techchallenge.cpcb@gov.in . The Challenge will remain
open from 10:00 Hrs on 01 December 2020 to 17:30 Hrs on 30 April 2021.

Detailed Application Form is available at Annexure 1 & 2
For further information related to the challenge, address your queries to mscb.cpcb@nic.in
and or techchallenge.cpcb@gov.in