Startups, get your product testing costs reimbursed. Apply before March 31st.

Quality Testing & Certification Scheme


Scheme Description

Testing test and certification of products for quality and assurance are an important part of business for startups. However, these costs are high for startups in their formative years. Through this Scheme, the Government of Maharashtra will be reimbursing a part of quality testing costs incurred by startups at NABL or BIS recognised labs, with the objective of increasing the competence of Maharashtra-incorporated startups in product development as well as ensuring their competitiveness in the domestic and export markets.


Reimbursement criteria

  1. 1.Through this Scheme, MSInS shall reimburse up to 80% of product testing/certification costs and system certification costs incurred by startups at NABL accredited or BIS recognized labs.

  2. 2.Reimbursement should be claimed within 3 months of invoice date. Invoice Date should be after the date on which the product testing guidelines have been made applicable (i.e. GR Date: 18​th September 2019). However, the 3 month limitation shall not apply until 31​st​ March, 2021.

  3. 3.Through this Scheme, maximum reimbursement shall be INR 2 lakh per startup, until the startup makes an annual revenue of INR 1 crore (in any financial year since incorporation) or raises total funds of INR 3 crores or more, whichever is earlier.

  4. 4.Reimbursement will not be granted for routine quality control tests or consultant fees.



In order to be eligible for reimbursement under the Quality Testing & Certification Scheme, a startup should meet the following norms:

  1. 1.DPIIT Recognised: Startup should be recognised by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Government of India. To know more about DPIIT Recognition please click ​here

  2. 2.Maharashtra incorporated: Startup should be incorporated in Maharashtra

  3. 3.MSInS Registered: ​ Startup should be registered with the Maharashtra State Innovation Society (MSInS). To know more about the registration process with MSInS, please click ​here

  4. 4.Revenue & Funding Cap​: ​ Startup’s annual revenue should not have crossed INR 1 crore in any financial year (since incorporation), and the startup should not have raised funds more than INR 3 crores.

Application Process

Application for the Quality Testing & Certification Scheme can be completed through your startup account on ​​ . Following are the major steps involved in completing the application:

  1. 1.Register with MSInS​: If you already have an account on ​MSInS​, please login to your account. If not, please register on the MSInS website and create your startup business profile. To know more about the registration process,please click ​here

  2. 2.Select Quality Testing & Certification Scheme under Financial Assistance Head​: After logging in to your MSInS account, choose Quality Testing under the Financial Assistance head on your dashboard.

  3. 3.Eligibility Check​: ​ Based on the above criteria, the system will notify if you’re eligible for the Quality Testing & Certification Scheme

  4. 4.Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions Agreement: ​Please read all the disclaimers carefully and proceed to the application form

  5. 5.Application Completion: ​Fill application for Quality Testing & Certification Scheme

In order to complete the application, you may need the following documents:

  1. 1.Company Incorporation Certificate

  2. 2.Audited Financial statements​ (since inception): To be audited by a CA

  3. 3.DPIIT Recognition Certificate

  4. 4.Lab BIS/NABL Approval/Recognition Certificate​: To be provided by the testing lab as a proof of the lab being recognised by BIS/NABL

  5. 5.Test Certificate: ​Issued by the testing lab (after testing your product)

  6. 6.Test Invoice/Receipt​: ​Clearly highlighting the amount spent on testing.


    All documents should be submitted in PDF/JPG format (max size per document: 10 MB). For a detailed application guide, please click ​here 


Quality Testing & Certification Scheme Government Resolution & Guidelines

Government Resolution dated 18​th​ September 2019

Corrigendum Government Resolution dated 01​st​ Jan 2021


Post Application Submission Reimbursement Process

  1. 1.Post submission, each application will be screened by MSInS to ensure compliance with eligibility criteria and reimbursement criteria. MSInS team may contact Startup Point of Contact to clarify information which may not be clear through the application form.

  2. 2.Post all approvals, reimbursements shall be processed batchwise on a weekly basis and payment shall be processed through the National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) / Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system.

  3. 3.The reimbursements shall be processed on a first come first serve basis, subject to availability of budgets and orderly submission, within 30 days of application.