Open call for proposals of IGNITE Fast Grant Awards in Agriculture science

Ignite Fast Grant Awards in Agriculture Science
OPEN CALL FOR PROPOSALS: submissions due by 20th August 2022

Call for Proposals
Research proposals addressing the Challenges listed above are invited from not-for-profit research institutions (public or private). The Challenges listed above are to be interpreted in their broadest sense. Preference will be given to collaborative proposals involving groups with divergent expertise. High-risk, high-reward, multi-disciplinary approaches, that can positively impact the current nitrogen-based fertilizer ecosystem are welcome. We prefer proposals that address a central hypothesis/question relating to a Challenge. The hypothesis should be testable using a clearly defined experimental approach within the
tenure of the Grant. Proposals will be evaluated for originality and potential for future applications in Agriculture. All research proposals should be compliant with the rules and guidelines applicable in India.

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