Proto Alpha Accelerator: Product Realization Accelerator for Early Prototype Development

Proto Alpha is a Product Realization Accelerator that aims to help innovators who have product ideas but lack

resources and capabilities to realize the product to convert their ideas into early stage prototypes.

If you have the following:

  • A well defined and unique problem/ need definition
  • A generic strategy/ idea to solve the problem

But do not have the engineering capabilities or resources to make and test a prototype of the idea, then this program

can help you.

In this program, the Protoshop team will work with idea owners to

  • Detail the solution
  • Understand and evaluate the feasibility
  • Further improve engineering design for technical feasibility, feasibility for manufacturing, commercial feasibility etc
  • Implement 1 or more early prototypes to demonstrate proof of concept
  • Work with the idea owner to transfer the technology to either the idea owner’s own startup or a third party licensee

The focus shall be on:

  • Engineering design
  • Electronics, Instrumentation, Sensors
  • Computing, IOT, AI/ML
  • Supporting mechanical design


Greetings from Venture Center!

Venture Center is happy to announce Call for Applications:

Proto Alpha Accelerator

(Product Realization Accelerator for Early Prototype Development)

  • Proto Alpha is an accelerator program by Venture Center for product realization in 3 months.
  • Applications are invited for well defined problems or ideas / potential solutions addressing problems in agriculture and medical devices & diagnostics domain.
  • Selected ideas will be co-developed by Venture Center and the idea owner to POC/Early Prototype.
  • Venture Center will license the technology and transfer the know-how to resultant startup or third party licensee in mutual agreement with idea owner

Focus areas:  Medical devices and Diagnostics; Agriculture

For whom:          

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Practitioners including clinicians
  • Individual innovators

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Tech Partner: 

Call open from: 20 Oct. 2021

Last date to apply: 20 Nov. 2021

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